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Fics From FullMetal [Updated 12/20] Empty Fics From FullMetal [Updated 12/20]

Post  Fullmetal tr on Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:05 pm

Just a list of all the bandom fics because I'm tired of emailing them. =w=

1. 'Virgin Girl Friday' [Ryden, standalone R]
2. 'You're Going to Recycle That, Right?' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
3. 'You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Oddly Specific Call Number' [Ryden, Joncer, standalone PG-13]
4. 'Let Me Down, Charlie Brown or How Jon Walker Saved Christmas' [Ryden, Pete/Patrick, standalone PG-13]
5. 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes' [Spyro, Standalone PG-13]
6. 'The Winner Takes It All' [Ryden, Joncer, everyone, standalone PG-13]
7. 'he watches the ships that come sailing' [Ryden, standalone PG]
8. 'december will be magic again' [Ryden, standalone R]
9. 'it's hard to face the holidays without' [Ryden, standalone R]
10. 'Purple Is Not A Christmas Color' [Ryden, Joncer, standalone kid!fic G]
11. 'Mommies Wear Yellow' [Ryden, standalone kid!fic G]
12. 'Dance Upon the Waves' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
13. '[Untitled] Buried Alive' [Ryden, Joncer, standalone PG-13]
14. 'Christmas in the Desert' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
15. 'My Body Doesn't Turn That Way (Right Hand: Yellow)' [Ryden, standalone R]
16. 'The Second Sunday of October' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
17. 'Relearning How to Breathe' [Joncer, Seven parts, NC-17]
18. 'All For You' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
19. 'Prototypes' [Spencer/Ryan/Spencer, standalone R]
20. 'Burning Through My Head' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
21. 'By Super, I Mean You' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
22. 'Crossroads' [Various pairings, Choose Your Own Adventure, NC-17/PG-13]
23. 'The Only Difference Between Love and Friendship Is Press Coverage' [Ryden, standalone PG]
24. 'Candyboy' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
25. 'Dream a Little Dream' [Ryden, two parts NC-17]
26. 'it takes guts to build bone' [Ryden, standalone R]
27. 'Joy to the World' [Ryden, standalone Christmas PG]
28. 'Off the Record' [Ryden, standalone R]
29. 'Put my enemies to sleep' [Ryden, three parts NC-17]
30. 'Anatomy' [Jon/Brendon, Ryan/Spencer, standalone Mpreg PG-13/R]
31. 'Dust and Feathers' [A whole bunch of ships, standalone PG-13/R]
32. 'Kittens! At The Disco' [Ryan/Spencer, standalone R]
33. 'Re-enactment' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
34. 'Reinvent Love ('Cause I Can't Get Enough of Yours, Babe)' [Ryan/Brendon, standalone PG-13]
35. 'Sleepover Princes vs. Goodnight Girls' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
36. 'There's a Good Reason the Victorians Were Fucked Up, Honey, You Just Haven't Realised It Yet' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
37. 'This Side of the Sun' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
38. 'tonight tonight' [Ryden, Joncer, standalone R]
39. '[Untitled]' [Ryden, standalone R]
40. 'God Only Knows' [GSF, MORMONS, bazillion parts NC-17]
41. '100% Genuine' [Joncer, CATBOYS standalone NC-17]
42. 'We could fly, you and I' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
43. 'A Whole New World' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
44. 'All Wound Up' [Ryden, standalone, standalone NC-17]
45. 'All We Have' [Ryden, three parts future!fic PG-13]
46. 'And Genie!' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
47. 'Annoying' [Ryden, standalone R]
48. 'Attack of the Blue Flu or How Ryan Helped Brendon Save Christmas' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
49. 'Bedtime' [Ryden, standalone R]
50. 'Choose Your Own' [Brendon/Everyone, standalone NC-17]
51. 'desperate times and all that' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
52. 'Endings' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
53. 'Epic' [Ryden, Joncer, standalone PG-13]
54. 'fingers, bunks, and love' [Ryden, onesided Joncer, standalone NC-17]
55. 'How Two Boys Got Some (in Different POVs): A Portrait of Spencer Smith, Annoyed' [Ryden sstandalone PG-13]
56. 'can you keep a secret?' [Brendon/Spencer, standalone R]
57. 'I'd Rather Be Rolling Cigars' [Ryden, standalone R]
58. 'I Know Something The Piano Doesn't Know' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
59. 'Not The Sin (or, Brendon's 12 Days of Kinks)' [Tons of couples, 12 parts NC-17]
60. 'Kiss Like No One's Watching (Love Like Everyone Is)' [Ryden, standalone R]
61. 'Mouth To Mouth' [Ryden, standalone R]
62. 'Sexy Little Things' [Ryden, standalone R]
63. 'Something Unexpected' [Ryden, standalone R]
64. 'The Island of Misfit Toys' [Ryden, standalone PG-13]
65. 'The Fallen' [Ryden, standalone NC-17]
66. 'Things Brendon Urie Needs to Remember 101'
67. 'Warm Me Up'
68. '@Replies'
69. 'A Love Song by Any Other Name'
70. 'As Dreamers Do'
71. 'A Wave You Glide in On'
72. 'When I Was a Bird'
73. 'Because You Look Like a Jackass'
74. 'The Best Laid Plans'
75. 'But Sweeter'
76. 'But Where Do the Nuns Come In?'
77. 'By Small and Simple Things'
78. 'Carving Out Our Names'
79. 'Catching Airplanes'
80. 'Cathedrals And Finger-Steeples'
81. 'Guilty Pleasure'
82. 'Common Circuitry Problems'
83. 'Claim the Sky'
84. 'Color Wheel
85. 'Counting Down the Days ‘Til You’re Walking Through My Door'
86. 'Crayons, Ketchup and a Lap Dance Tester'
87. 'That's What He Said'
88. 'Photographic Evidence'
89. 'Love and a Lap Dance'
90. 'Different Mornings'
91. 'The "Drink Me" Universe'
92. 'Either Way There Is a Light On'
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